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  Crystal Skull Meditation

Spirit Family & Skull


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This page is protected by our personal skull

family and crystals

This page is dedicated to our loved
ones who have crossed over.                

send loving light daily to all names listed below

We ask that you take a minute and send loving light to all family & friends that are listed on this page as well as any of your loved ones. If you would like to add a loved one or friend to our list simply go to the contact us page and send us an email

With dedication and love

Our Light will Always Shine

Thomas Fernandes, Elvie Farris,

Mr & Mrs Eunilda Jordan,

Megan Spears, Francis Brown, Virgina Berg, Arthur Reed, 

Claudius Jordan, Lydia Beard, Carol Parrish, T Jarmin

Jared Flores, Claudius Jordan


Crystal skulls are enhanced and empowered by the presence of other crystal skulls, no matter what size or age they are. Crystal skulls seem to connect with one another and absorb each other's energies, making them more powerful each time they connect with other skulls. This is why many people who begin collecting crystal skulls feel drawn to continue collecting crystal skulls. The Seraphim Institute in Germany has actually 

visually documented this exchange of energy between crystal skulls using a photon camera. Although scientists do not yet have a full explanation for this phenomenon, there is no doubt that energy fields become active between two or more crystal skulls.

Crystals are amplifiers of energy, and crystal skulls in particular amplify your thoughts and intentions. When you work with groups of crystal skulls, you can activate and empower "The Secret" to attracting and manifesting what you desire to create and achieve.

White Dolomite Crystal Skull -

Blue Sodalite

expressing yourself and your truth clearly and directly. Opens you to receiving truth, understanding truth and recognizing truth.

Unites logic with intuition, deepens meditation. Brings harmony, especially with groups. Calms the mind, encourages rational thought, emotional balance and calm (calms panic attacks). Enhances self-trust and self-acceptance.

Rose Quartz Crystal Skull -

heal and forgive any pain in your heart. Promotes unconditional love and infinite peace. Calming and reassuring. Attracts love and harmonious loving relationships. Restores trust and harmony, invokes self-trust and self-worth.

Amethyst Crystal Skull -

Opens your third eye and connects you to your intuition, so you can receive clear guidance and direction. Powerful and protective, guards against psychic attack, blocks negative energies in the environment. Enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation, enhances spiritual awareness, assists tranquility and deeper understanding in meditation.

Chakra Balancing Healing Kit

The seven different stones of the mini crystal skulls attune the frequencies of your chakras to manifest and maintain a state of wellbeing in all of your energy centers.

Chakra Colors

      FIRST CHAKRA----Red

  red garnet
  smoky quartz
  black obsidian

    SECOND CHAKRA---Orange

  carnelian orange

  calcite tiger¹s eye

    THIRD CHAKRA---Yellow

  citrine topaz

  golden calcite

    FOURTH CHAKRA---Pink and Green

  rose quartz


  watermelon tourmaline



    FIFTH CHAKRA---Light Blue


•  sodalite

SIXTH CHAKRA---Blue or Indigo

•  lapis

•  blue fluorite

•  sugilite

•  clear quartz

SEVENTH CHAKRA---Violet or Clear

•  amethyst

•  Oregon opal

•  clear quartz

•  Crystal Skull Meditation for your personal healing as well as your loved ones


The key for your part in this meditation is that when you are working with your crystal skull, try not to logically plan how your meditation is going to go. Most people find as soon as they start to work with the skull, things just happen by themselves. Our goal in this meditation is to send out a loving and peaceful energy to our world which will be amplified by the energy of the skulls.

Many people have found that during this type of meditation they are able to receive some healing energies for themselves or you can get some clarity about a situation in your life too

A person can still meditate with us and work with the energies of the crystal skulls. Here are a few suggestions how.


1) If you have a picture of a crystal skull that you personally feel an affinity with, you can stare at the image of this skull during your meditation and also bring in the antenna for the energy network. We welcome you to use one of our many skulls we use to meditate and travel with that are placed throughout this page. We have activated all skulls you see on this page and each skull was used during many meditation classes that cledstone & yvonne have held.

2) You could also put another piece of quartz on top of the picture of the crystal skull prior to your meditation and then hold this piece of quartz.

3) Another option is to find a crystal in your home that you would like to use in the meditation and see if you can actually meet a person who has and is working with their crystal skull in your local area and put your crystal near their skull for 10 or 15 minutes.

4) Some people have the ability to visualize in their mind or even see a crystal skull with their clairvoyance ... so if you can do this, its another way to work with our group.

Natural Fluorite- Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. When working with the upper Chakras, Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit. Fluorite further anchors intuitive insights into the physical plane, allowing mental and physical coordination.

Fluorite heightens mental abilities, assisting in rapid organization and processing of information, and can bring mental clarity and stability to an otherwise chaotic situation. Fluorite absorbs negative energies from the environment and is effective at Auric and Chakra cleansing. Fluorite can also shield the user from psychic manipulation.

Fluorite should be cleared often.  

Flourite offers a stabilizing energy, facilitating order, balance, and healing. Excellent for clarity of mind, objectivity, concentration, and meditation. Flourite aids in grasping higher, more abstract concepts, and to be discerning as to the truth or reality of a given situation. Balances and cleanses intellectual and physical bodies. Strengthens bones and teeth, and is used for dispelling illness in its early stages.

Green Aventurine Crystal Skull -

supports healing on all levels. Creates a sense of well-being and emotional calm, calms anger and irritation.

Dissolves negative emotions, dispells negative thoughts and protects against negative energies. Promotes compassion, empathy, decisiveness and perseverance. Stimulates perception and enhances creativity. Positive stone of prosperity.

Red Dolomite Crystal -

Stops energy leaks from chakras. Promotes stamina. Aligns and balances energies of the chakras while removing blockages. Supports blood and adrenal